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About CIA


Catholics in Action Sports Ministry is an organization and team of collegiate and ex-professional baseball players, coaches, deacons and priests dedicated to the mission of the Catholic Church and renewing of the Catholic Faith here in the USA and abroad through a baseball ministry. The ministry strives to form Catholic baseball players to be ambassadors for Christ through witnessing on the field, exemplified by sportsmanship and dedication to their teammates and fans. When off the field, our players will serve the local community and evangelize other teams and players when the opportunity arises. The Catholics in Action Sports Ministry will also hold baseball camps for youth and mentor youth by example and serve the common good through brotherhood for all young aspiring athletes.

In the summer of 2024 the team will begin the summer by playing in tournaments throughout the Midwest Collegiate Leagues.  In the future, CIA also plans to travel to play in the Alaska Baseball League against most teams in the ABL. CIA hopes to be awarded to play in the infamous Midnight Sun Game with approximately 5000-7000 attendees against the famous Alaska Goldpanners.

The team will begin playing internationally after securing additional funding.  The future plan is to travel to play in the IBL (International Baseball League) in Italy as part of the summer tour. Games also are to be scheduled against the Germans, French, Dutch and Croatians as part of the International League Tour.

The initial international journey will begin in Europe and then extend to South America in the future, playing various national teams and spreading good will wherever the team travels.